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Dan Gable is a hero to millions


Dan Gable was a one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He was a true champion in every sense of the word.

He only lost one match in his entire collegiate career – his final one. After that he won Olympic gold in 1972. He then coached Iowa University to 15 NCAA team wrestling titles between 1976 and 1997!

His story is inspirational:

Something awful happened to Dan as a teenager. One semester he was away with his parents on a weeks vacation.

His 19 year old sister was back home… and someone broke into their house, raped and killed her. It turned out to be a classmate of Dans’.

Obviously, this was HORRENDOUS for that family… for someone they loved so dearly to be taken away in such a vicious and brutal manner.

Talk about the worst thing that can happen. They couldn’t deal with it at all for months and months. In the end, Dan decided to move into her empty room so the family could start to grieve and remember her as she would have wanted.

He also used the tragedy to create positive things in her memory.

He thought about her everyday. He used that emotion to drive himself to achieve things for her and to uplift his shattered family. Powerful.

In his college wrestling days they used to train from 4 to 6 everyday and then do the most hardcore conditioning workouts from 6 to 6.30. It was a killer. The other lads would hit the shower after that and then go home.

Not Dan.

He’d go to the locker room, get his jump rope and go back into the gym. He’d jump rope until he passed out.


What’s the lesson here: Desire, emotion and being willing to do WHAT EVER it takes.

These are the greatest lessons we can ever be taught.

Now, am I saying it is a good idea to train until you pass out? No, I’m not saying that.

He probably didn’t have to do that. Perhaps he could have gone above and beyond in a different way that didn’t endanger himself. I think he would even say that himself.

However, the main lesson here is how much desire the man had and that he was willing to do ANYTHING within his moral compass to bring his aim into reality. He was tunnel visioned and full of powerful emotions.

I want you to think of any time you’ve achieved a goal. I’m betting you had that mindset, ‘I am focused and will do what ever it takes.’

That’s the mindset of a champion.

I know anytime I’ve achieved things it was with that attitude.

If you think about diet. Are you willing to give up refined sugar and starchy carbs if you have to?

Are you willing to do 15 minutes of mental exercises every morning?

Regarding physical exercise, are you willing to workout 4 times a week and stretch everyday? Will you do it on days when you’re tired, when its cold?

If you’re a sportsperson, are you also going to improve, refine and keep your skills sharp by practising them everyday, as much as you can?

Will you keep getting back up after poor training sessions or a very bad result?

No matter what the goal, things like this HAVE to happen… religiously… hail, rain or shine.

Hey, this is what it takes.  The winners will do what ever it is that they have to do.  You have to have that mentality.

What do you want to achieve in the next few months? All the tea in China tells me you will achieve it if you ramp up the desire and are willing to DO what EVER it takes.

Dan Gable was such a great that they named a DAY after him in his state of Iowa.

If a person is not inspired by that guy then I’d have to question if they have a pulse.

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Brian Timlin