I thought he was having a stroke…

I have a friend who smokes a pipe.  He’s one of my older friends.

I play golf with him.  On one occasion we were playing in the dunes of Belmullet, Co Mayo… and I was up on the tee with our other two playing partners, when I spotted Owen lying down in the fetal position under a big mound.

He’s no spring chicken at 70, so I thought he was having a stroke or something.

I jumped off the tee and sprinted over to him.  As I got closer I realised he was just sheltering from the wind, to light his pipe.

I cursed at him.

He looked up laughing, the leg of the snuff furnace clasped between his lips… and he made that popeye ‘pbop pbop’ move out of the side of his mouth – puffing bursts of smoke into the air.

I have to say I love the smell of it.

Well you might think a man who smokes a pipe is vested with great wisdom… but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Haha, just joking Owen.  In fairness, he does have a lot of depth and magnanimity to his Mayo soul.

In fact, I’d even go so far as to call him one of my mentors… or someone I’d seek advise from.

Just don’t tell him I said that.

Next thing he’d be at the pulpit whacking his pipe off the bible.  You have to respect a man of the code, even if I don’t agree with a lot of it.

Amen to that brutha…

We were playing golf again last week.  After the round ‘The Pipe’ cracked open an oyster and popped out a pearl for us to ponder and polish.

It went something like this…

‘They say we should never buy meat in Aldi, but I bought some fillet steaks there during the week and my wife and I both agreed it was the nicest meat we’ve had in years.’

For those of you that don’t know Aldi, they are a European company that found a way to source and distribute products of equal, and in some cases better, quality – at a much lower price.

On a big shop you can expect to save between €30 to €50.  It’s amazing really.

Why would you shop anywhere else?

What they do looks simple, but years of trial and error, research and testing went into perfecting their system.

Et al with what we do here with The Next Level Sports Program.

It looks simple, and it is, but there are thousand and thousands of hours gone into the end result.

Having the knowledge of WHY certain methods work so much better is also invaluable.

Sometimes we are duped into confusing simplicity and price with QUALITY.

The Next Level Sports Program is an elite program… that applies to everyone’s life, not just sportspeople.

PhD’s are telling us this is how people will be taught in college degree courses in the future.

I strongly suggest you order today before we come to our senses and mark it up to Mayfair prices – as that is what it is truly worth.

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Brian Timlin

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