Would You Like To Work With a Coach That Has Crawled Through All The Mud And Crap Life Can Throw At You, And Come Out The Other Side… And Therefore Knows EXACTLY What Works To Really Get Your Health, Fitness and Performance (In Work Or Sports) 200% Better Or More?
Brian Timlin
Internationally Recognised Author, Coach, Consultant on Health, Fitness & Performance
I wouldn't change a minute of my life... because it has made me who I am today.  I've also achieved some big goals, like curing an 'incurable' illness and after that had some sporting success at golf like winning an All-Ireland medal and a provincial series player of the year medal.

My health is also fantastic now and I'm stronger, faster and more flexible than I've ever been in my life.

But I'm not going to pull any punches, there are too many second hand theorists around these days.

Don't buy into a system unless the person involved can show you exactly where you want to go and the process to get there - and there's nobody better than someone that has lived and breathed such achievements and knows how they did it.

Dr. Alex Loyd Ph.D the healingcodes.com, thesuccesscodes.com, is a world renowned expert in health, human development and performance, and has worked many of the world's most successful people.  He said about this Brian's work:
If you are interested in competition or achievement of any kind, Brian Timlin's coaching program is a must have. Even if you are a beginner, you can take your game to the ultimate following these principles. On the other hand, if your competition has these powerful principles at their disposal, and you don't, you will probably find yourself in trouble.
    Here's what David Mortimer, Head Professional at Galway Golf Club, said about Brian and his coaching:
"I've watched Brian go from barely able to walk down the road - to playing in a buggy - to winning a Barton Shield All-Ireland Medal, a Provincial Alliance Gross Player of The Year Medal and only a few weeks ago he shot 3 under to win a semi-pro event by 4 shots, coming home in 5 under. Suffice to say he knows his stuff when it comes to getting from out of shape and into great shape. He also knows how to tailor it specifically for sports performance. For a guy his size he's also a very powerful hitter. I highly recommend his programs and coaching for anyone wishing to get super fit and/or improve their health or performance."
There's an old proverb:
A man is held captive and is dropped into a lion's cage. The lions circle him and he is scared witless. He cowers. He is about to be attacked and eaten.

Just then he sees his wife has been dropped in too and the lions are now paying more attention to the newcomer.

The man is transformed. He is suddenly filled with rage and courage to protect his wife. He makes so much commotion and noise that the lions are scared and scatter back into the corner of the cage. They want nothing to do with the madman... and the couple climb out of the cage and escape captivity.

Survival, a purpose and having to get a result does something very different to a person.

That's the person that will do what ever has to be done.

That's the person that really knows what works and what doesn't.

Hello my name is Brian Timlin. I suffered from a virus called Epstein Barr for 8 to 9 years of my life.

It was hell and there was no way out... unless I made one. I tried every therapy and method under the sun. I became encyclopedic in my knowledge of causes and therapies to do with illness.

I found the answers and got better and better until I was fully healed. The process ended up being a very different to what I was told to do.

Like the man that was in the cage, when you come out of it you are also changed: very determined, very strong and you know what life is about now... because you've seen the best and worst in people, in life and have taken all the knocks and whacks in the face. That's a real school of learning.

After my illness I had all sorts of physical and mental problems. I had issues with coordination, balance, my spine was in bad shape and I couldn't recover from even simple exertion.

I had to find the real fitness and exercise plans that build all of that back up. But I wanted more than that. You need to know your purpose and your passions in life. I also wanted to master it so I could help others and also become a top golfer, because I love golf, and I never had a proper go at it.

As I say, you're different when you come back and know what you want.

Well, I've found the exercises that build all the results we want and more.

Unfortunately, this is not information you are readily told. You really have to search for it and test it all out.

It's a minefield... as is psychology. I had all sorts of thought problems after all the solitude, idleness and difficulties I went through. It's very difficult to find answers about such problems. I found those eventually, too... with the help of one or two excellent psychologists. They have figured this stuff out by research and testing.

Their systems are different to what is taught in psychology courses and self-help books.

They know how the mind REALLY works and so do I now... and also JUST how much the body has to do with the mind, and vice versa.

Long story short, I'm flying it now in every area of my life... and anything else not sorted, will be soon.

I know the process from A to B with health, fitness, performance and goal attainment.

I also specialise in weight management. Since I went from fairly low body fat to maintaining a very low body fat myself, it is not hard for me to get people from overweight to good shape and keep them there. I can get you to any weight goal you have.

Contrary to popular opinion it's not just about calories, and it's not about eating only rabbit food and total discipline either. It's about having an exact plan of what to eat, when to eat it, having a routine and also periodic cheating. Yes, cheating!

The cheating is important... not just for normality, but also because your mind needs a bit of variety and your body needs to reset every so often or it becomes adapted to the new nutrition plan.

What exactly can we do together on these topics?

Regarding health, I believe in finding the true causes and not masking symptoms.

Health is like a barrel and when too many problems spill over, illness results. The main cause can be a virus. It can be stress hurting the whole body, caused by poor actions or lack of good actions and/or unhealthy interpretations and poor self-image. It can also be to do with diet and lack of correct exercise (or even too much of the wrong exercise). It is usually some sort of combination. If we address the right things, the overspill is taken away and when you give it a chance, the body is the most remarkable healing mechanism in the world.

But what needs to be addressed all depends on the person, and that's what I can ascertain and address very quickly.

Regarding fitness or conditioning, I believe in creating a true athlete, not a one dimensional, imbalanced gym rat who has big cheesy muscles, but terrible joints, spinal health, and a lack of real athleticism.

Any great athlete has poise, speed, agility, balance, coordination, ambidexterity, great tendons that connect the joints to the muscles... and more. You sure as hell won't get that from gym machines and weights exercises.

Some supplementary weight exercises can be helpful, but the staple has to be serious power, strength, flexibility movements using your own body. All the true greats did it that way. The ones that didn't could have done a lot better and also would have not ended up with so many long term problems.

Regarding performance and goal attainment, I believe you have to have your mind, brain and body connected.
Certain physical exercises develop the cerebellum and this connects the wiring in the brain. There is then a loop or whole brain thinking, where you can correct your mental, physical and technical skills... to get much, much better at them.

You also need to understand your mind and know how to use it correctly to get to your aims.

It is largely about knowing how thoughts turn to emotions, emotions into actions... that turn to behaviours, and that turns to results. HOWEVER, you can only change that process by actions. That's the key.

I'll show you the actions that change your behaviours, self image and change your emotions. When you do that the circle goes around and your thoughts change too, which brings more of the good stuff.

Where nearly everyone gets this wrong is in thinking it is thoughts that create reality (law of attraction and all that stuff). That's a half truth at best, and it definitely doesn't work on its own.

Then the rest of the folk think you have to just 'do it.' Well, that doesn't work either because your emotions and thoughts are far too screwed up to get the result you want!

You just have to address what actually needs addressing. It's not easier or harder, it's just using the right key for the bleedin lock!

My rate is €40 per 30 minutes, or €60 per hour (€50 per session, if booking a package of 4 hours). This will be going up due to increasing demand and because I know many people far less skilled than me are charging five times that!

We can do the coaching over the phone (on free apps like skype & whatsapp) or in person. It doesn't really matter, as all are just as effective. I have videos for anything that needs demonstration.

If you want to work with me on any of this stuff you will be TRULY amazed at how things will change in your life, in what ever area you focus on.

Picture the things you want: Feeling great, healthy, energetic, performing so well, super fit, looking your very best, confident, believed in and on and on.

All the good stuff.

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