The opening of Vava Health and Fitness at Terryland House Fitness/Yoga Studio has been very positive.

Classes continue each WEDNESDAY with Yogaerobics at 10am (1 hour), Active over 55’s at 11:15am (45min) & on THURSDAY Golf Fitness at 8pm (1 hour).

The classes are ongoing, people can join and pick up with the groups no problem.

Feedback from the participants has been very positive so far:

Billy Coyne said: 

‘Hi Brian,

Just a note of congratulations on your new “golf flexibility & fitness” class.

As I had never been to such a class before I did not really know what to expect.

I do struggle with flexibility and so I was pleasantly surprised to find it sufficiently challenging [but not too much],

with just the right amount of “push” and encouragement from yourself.

I expect to be able to hit the ball at least  10 yards further by the end of the season.

Great stuff & thanks,




Dr. Ronan O’Connor said:

‘Just want to give feedback about the session last week I found it very rewarding and beneficial especially for my thoracic and lumbar spine looking forward to the weekly Ronan’
Each class runs for 6 weeks, €60 for six weeks or €12 drop in rate. The Active Over 55’s class will be €36 for six weeks or €8 drop in rate. Our aim is to get you into fantastic shape and to your specific goals.

The golf fitness class will add at least 20 yards to your drives over the season, while also making improvements in focus, accuracy and consistency.

The yogaerobics and active over 55s sessions contain 3D exercises designed and adjusted each week to significantly increase the rate of toning up and fat loss as compared to regular interval training.

We also offer individualised sessions and programs for weight management, nutrition for sport, hard to treat injuries, health concerns and specific performance results.

We want Vava to be a place where you feel motivated, rejuvenated, believed in and supported. We can give you the help, information and guidance to take control of your health, fitness and well being.

Join us today. For more information visit and click the ‘classes’ tab at the top.

Any questions or to sign up for a class or personal session call or text me at 0861005988 or email me at

Thank you, Brian Timlin.

Ps Terryland House is across from the Maldron Hotel in Terryland, beside the fruit & veg shop.  The Fitness studio is up the stairs, face left and it’s straight down the corridor.