Vava 4D Golf Fitness Classes

Who else wants to gain at least 15-20 yards off the tee, increase your energy and start to lose excess weight?


As I entered my mid-forties, I noticed a gradual loss of distance and ball striking quality in my game, with my misses more offline. The occasional golf physical evaluations, self-directed workouts I engaged in had no noticeable effect on this trend. Deciding a major change was needed I teamed up with Brian. Since I began working with Brian, in a short space of time I have surpassed the stability, mobility, speed, and movement of past years. Without any major swing changes, I’ve already gained up to 15 yards on my driver, with the occasional 300-yard drive, and a one club positive difference with my irons. Brian’s sincere commitment to enhance my performance has far exceeded my expectations. Any golfer on any level can benefit and improve with Brian.” Donard MacSweeney, Secretary Manager at Mullingar Golf Club, MBA, PGA professional.


Initially I thought that at my age (mid 60’s) I would not be able to manage the exercises and that I might injure myself.  In fact I was energised by the exercises and I followed Brian’s advice on how to do the exercise properly, his presentation and practise is easy to understand and carry out.  The exercises allow me to stretch and reach and in doing so I am getting fitter and building muscles.  As a result I have made improvement to the distance I can achieve with my driver, fairway woods and irons. I reckon I have gained up to 15 yards, and when I get dry fairways I hope to gain more and to be hitting the greens in regulation.”  Aidan Moloney, Mid-Handicap Golfer and Team Vava Player On The Up.



At Team Vava you will learn a breakthrough fun way to connect your mind & brain with 3 dimensional movement (we call it 4D training) to transform your health, fitness and performance – by up to 200% better than any other method.

Are you interested in these 3 benefits?

  • Improving your golf performance with up to 100% better recovery, improving your accuracy by up to 20% and gaining 15-20 yards or more off the tee
  • Starting to lose excess blubber and toning up by adding lean muscle
  • Feeling great by gaining far more mobility, strength and energy

If you said ‘yes,’ to any of the above, then keep reading.


Before we carry on though, this class is not for:

  • People who don’t want get great results
  • People who don’t want to learn anything new, or
  • People who don’t like to have fun

This is for people who want to move forward, enjoy doing it and get great results.

Men and women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.  Each process is easily adapted to help you improve from where you are right now.   Brian and the group create a positive, encouraging atmosphere for everyone to gain maximum benefit.

Here is a sample of what people are saying about Team Vava:

“I’ve watched Brian go from barely able to walk down the road due to illness – to playing in a buggy – to winning a Barton Shield All Ireland medal, Provincial alliance gross player of the year… shooting 70 (-2) in Galway Bay, 69 (-3 ) in Connemara, 66 (-4) in Galway, doing well in the Irish Close and winning the Galway Golf Club men’s golfer of the year.  Suffice to say he knows his stuff when it comes to getting from out of shape and into great shape!  He also knows how to tailor it specifically for sports performance.  I believe despite not playing near as much as I would like him to this year, he still improved his golf handicap/index due to a further big change in his mobility and recovery.  He knows this subject inside out and his programs will definitely improve your health, fitness and sporting ability!”  David Mortimer, Head Professional, Galway Golf Club

“I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, no matter what level you are starting from.  As someone who has suffered from lower back pain for a number of years, Brian’s classes have helped me greatly.  I am now back playing regular golf without pain and I am certainly hitting the ball further with ease.  Brian knows his stuff, no doubt!”  Kieran Muldoon Jnr

“I would highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to get that extra edge in their performance.  He has helped me increase my mobility, strength and fitness and has a wealth of knowledge in these areas.”  Oisin Mannion

“Brian’s programs and books are innovative and ahead of the game!  Would highly recommend!”  Kate Looney, BSc (Hons) in Physical Education

“Brian teaches performers a very unique way to connect your mind, brain and body.  Athletes and coaches know that this is beyond valuable.  The better you can do this, the better developed and refined all your skills will be (mental, technical and physical).  Simply put, Brian’s brilliant method is ahead of its time but could easily be the standard in college athletic programs in a few years.  Get it now before everyone else does.”
Craig Sigl, Seattle WA (Coach to many top athletes and PGA tour players)



Don’t miss out on the fun, feeling good and your own improved performance.    If you are being impaired with your health, fitness and golf then it only makes sense to get on board with 4 dimensional training at the ground floor… as this takes off and leaves other methods in the dust.

Suffering with pain or restricted mobility is not a place you want to be, we will sort that out so you are moving pain-free with a much better range of motion, hitting the ball very well, further and winning the money!

This class beginning soon will also be new, improved and even better than the summer classes.   We never stand still at Team Vava!

We have new expanded information on physical conditioning, mentality and mind-body linking via breathing, coordination, balance and ambidexterity routines.  It will be based on the same 4D conditioning premises, but will further advance your game.

The action takers take the spoils.

Sign up today by texting Brian at 0861005988 or emailing .   Any questions or queries call, text or email.

Fees are €100 per 10 sessions, which is a steal for the value you will receive in the classes, follow up emails and having someone to answer all of your questions.

Personal sessions are also available, where you can get more time, attention and a program tailored exactly to your individual needs.

Sign up today before all the spots are taken!